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Since 2005 we have been helping buyers find deals and make money in the Riviera Maya

Return on Investment (ROI) – There are 2 ways to make ROI in real estate

– Renting

– Appreciation

The Riviera Maya is different from the rest of Mexico in that supply and demand are driven by the number of foreign buyers willing to pay for properties. For a buyer who doesn’t understand the market, things can be very confusing.

We help you understand it. Right now our focus is appreciation, and the MayaKoba property is, in our opinion, the best priced development in the Riviera Maya for appreciation.

– Since it went on pre-sale a few years ago, prices have doubled.

– There is nothing like MayaKoba in the whole area. Prices keep going up as people learn about it.

Almost all of the buyers so far on this project have been Mexican. Once the push begins for US and Canadian buyers we expect prices to go even higher.

Get on board while prices are still low!

Meet Our Team

Mauricio Cohen

Sales manager

Nidia Velazquez

Sales representative

Sonia Vargas

Sales representative

Joel Ayala

Sales representative

Theo Griscti

Sales representative


Avital Assayag

Sales representative

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Staying Healthy in the Riviera Maya

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