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About Playa

Playa del Carmen, known colloquially as ‘Playa’, is a resort city located along the Caribbean Sea in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is part of the municipality of Solidaridad. As of 2020, the city’s population was just over 300,000 people, many of whom are exPats, primarily from the US and Canada. 

Playa del Carmen is a popular tourist destination in Mexico’s Riviera Maya region. Its current growth rate is set at 25% per year. According to the Guinness World Records, it is one of Latin America’s fastest growing communities. In 2016, the city was the tenth most popular international travel destination for U.S travelers. The main airport for Playa is the Cancún International Airport, which is less than an hour away.

The area is known for its white sand beaches, blue turquoise waters, coral reefs, surrounding rainforests, and balnearios. The downtown area of the city revolves around Quinta Avenida, a busy pedestrian thoroughfare lined with many shops, clubs, and restaurants. The weather is pleasant year-round, with the summer and winter breaks being peak season for tourism.


Playa del Carmen is generally a safe travel destination in Mexico. The town is generally secure for most tourists, except for risks such as hurricanes, sunburns and common tourist scams. Numbeo reports[8] that the Safety Index and Crime Index in Playa del Carmen are both in the low-moderate range, with scores of 50.55 and 49.45 respectively.


About Mayakoba

Mayakoba City is the first comprehensive, planned, and sustainable community in the Riviera Maya, committed to environmental care and the quality of life of its residents.

It spans over 409 hectares, of which over 30% are dedicated to natural conservation.

It is located in a privileged spot, only 30 minutes away from the Cancun International Airport, in the fastest-growing and most valuable area of Playa del Carmen, at the heart of the Riviera Maya.

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It is a space for everyone, integrating modern residential developments and homes of different characteristics, bike paths, walkways, biological corridors for wildlife passage, extensive green and conservation areas, sports facilities, a large park, a commercial village, and a medical center with offices.

Come live in paradise and be part of an inclusive community that appreciates diversity and nature, where you will also find a wide range of cultural and entertainment options in a place with spaces to connect with yourself, with family, and with friends. In short, a place to enjoy life.

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Why this?

Es un espacio para todos , que integra modernos desarrollos residenciales y viviendas de distintas características, ciclovías, andadores, corredores biológicos para el paso de fauna, amplias áreas verdes y de conservación, instalaciones deportivas, un gran parque, villa comercial y un centro médico con consultorios.

Ven a vivir al paraíso y forma parte de una comunidad inclusiva que aprecia la diversidad y la naturaleza, donde también encontrarás una amplia oferta cultural y de entretenimiento en un lugar con espacios para conectar contigo mismo, con la familia y con los amigos, en definitiva, para disfrutar la vida.

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