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Ciudad Mayakoba

Mayakoba City Entrance

Opposite of Mayakoba, one of the most beautiful hotel complexes in the world, Ciudad Mayakoba is built in the center of the Riviera Maya, the fastest growing economic area in all Mexico, in the city of Playa del Carmen.

Ciudad Mayakoba is an innovative model of an Integrated community, Planned and Sustainable of 409 hectares that will house modern residential and mixed-use developments of diverse characteristics.

Among several infrastructure options you can see educational institutions, a hospital, a shopping center, entertainment, art, and cultural spaces, as well as stores, restaurants and sports facilities, extensive green areas, biological corridors, pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths and much more.

Ciudad Mayakoba is the first integral, planned, and sustainable community in the Riviera Maya, committed to the environment care and the quality of life of the inhabitants. It extends over 409 hectares, of which more than 30% is natural conservation.

139 hectares of jungle and mangrove are conserved.

There will also be 25 wildlife crossings inside the complex.

A large metropolitan park will be created within the premises to unify and provide residents with an important meeting point for sports, culture, and relaxation.

Ciudad Mayakoba will have educational excellence options for the inhabitants from an early age, up to their university education with the Winpenny School, guaranteeing an international education for all academic levels.

In parallel, a social participation school will be available for students with limited resources and will be operated by Enseña por México and the Winpenny School.

The university and campus will be a reality thanks to strategic alliances with international institutions to offer hospitality, gastronomy and other academic offerings.

Ciudad Mayakoba Health Center will become the first specialty hospital in the area.

The medical services available at Ciudad Mayakoba will be a turning point in the development of Playa del Carmen and the entire Riviera Maya, as it will be able to meet the comprehensive health needs of the community.

It’s located in a privileged place, just 30 minutes from Cancun International Airport, in the fastest growing and most surplus value area of Playa del Carmen, in the heart of the Riviera Maya.

Ciudad Mayakoba will house the Xaman Ha Park, awarded by the United Nations Organization for its exemplary design with more than 10 hectares for the healthy community development of the entire area, the promotion of sports activities, cultural diffusion, and environmental awareness.

It will also be home to Mayakoba Village, which will be much more than a shopping mall, designed to offer entertainment and leisure options framed in a modern, first-class design that will be the first choice of the Mayakoba community.

The present and future of Ciudad Mayakoba goes through an orderly planning of its residential, commercial, and service components, which will guarantee its added value and its perfect integration into organized growth.

Ciudad Mayakoba is a multicultural community that allows the integration of different social segments that coexist in harmony and respect.

A unique model of Integral, Planned and Sustainable Community that rescues the best of the philosophy of respect for the environment with the most modern and high-quality urban planning is what characterizes Ciudad Mayakoba.

The three main axes of sustainability in Ciudad Mayakoba are: people, the human being, the preservation of natural areas and the promotion of virtuous circles of social and community development that will promote responsible business cycles with the rest of the community.

It’s a project with 6 different models that includes apartments and private homes, with controlled access, swimming pools and beautiful green areas. Accepts Infonavit, Fovissste, bank loans and cash payment.


This development will house a total of 3,416 homes, of which 1,556 have already been signed and delivered, meaning that 50% of the project has already been sold.


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